If I Was in Charge of the Cap 2 Credits Scene


Clint Barton is lying, bruised and bloodied, on the floor of a sparse yet expensive looking studio apartment.

His head is pounding, something that is not helped by that music. Is that his phone? Yeah, it’s his phone.

With a groan he opens his eyes.

Looking down at him from…

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”..Who the hell is Natasha?”

I became so engrossed in the idea of Natasha being the Winter Soldier I COULDN’T HELP IT sorrynotsorry

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Your Useless Major is Why My Useful One Matters



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This guy, man.  I really want to love this guy, but he just keeps saying stuff that drives me up a wall.  Recently, he said:

Folks can make a lot more potentially with skilled manufacturing or the trades than they might with an art history degree.

Come on, Mr. Obama, I thought you were better than that.  I thought you believed in creativity and innovation.  I thought you believed in higher education.  Remember when Rick Santorum Sick Rantorum called you a “snob” for wanting to send more kids to college?

Well I guess your snobby days are over, huh?

Now, to his credit, Mr. Obama apologized for his spur of the moment comment, and he explained that he just picked art history off the top of his head and wasn’t thinking about it.  In a world where politicians are on a 24-hour news cycle, we should cut the dude some slack for saying something a little off.

But there’s more to it than that.  Why did Obama jump to art history?  Why did he feel the need to defend skilled manufacturing labor in light of the availability of art history majors?  And, also importantly, why did he imply that the amount of money a person can make is the main reason to do a certain job?

I think the answer to these questions comes down to what makes a certain job more important than another job.  Well, let’s go through it, then.

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Vocally political and liberal Steve Rogers

Fox News has no idea how to handle it because he’s Captain America and he’s literally from the 40’s like how do that handle that

He refuses to go on half of the news shows because they lie

Mostly ends up on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and the Young Turks

Starts charities that focus on kids and the poor

Donations to veterans charities go through the roof

Treatment for PTSD in veterans suddenly gets addressed after he admits to being diagnosised with it

Steve Rogers starting a twitter specifically for linking people to horrible news stories and calling news stations out on their lies and scare tactics 

Using his twitter to complain about the state of public news and how it should be a space of change and value and honesty for the American public, and how he’s so ashamed of it all

He accidentally becomes like public face for the new generation of politically savvy people

They make of shirts like WWCD “what would Cap do?”

Tony is thrilled and proud and hires of team of lawyers exclusively to handle the news stations screaming about Steve

Fox news gets slapped with so many libel fines and law suits

Steve bringing attention to LGBT rights and the shit trans people have to go though, and then getting the fuck out of the way to let them talk about it. Like “look at the shit they go through…listen to them to find out how we can fix this.”

Steve using his “white cis male that goes by Captain America” status to draw attention to people that need help and situations that need changing but letting those people be the ones that voices get heard when people are actually paying attention.

Steve cockblocking Fox News pundits just by being Steve.

"How do you feel about the influx of illegals…I mean immigrants?"

"My parents were Irish immigrants. People aren’t illegal."

"But Welfare…"

"I lived through the Great Depression and know exactly how it feels to not have enough food. Welfare is fantastic."

"But Black people…"

"Son, just don’t."

*Grabby hands* 



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All the Dead Lie Down Chapter Six: Null the Words Spoken


So, my life has been mildly crazy which has left very little time for fic, but I’ve had more of this thing written for a while and I kept telling myself I was going to find time to get it in shape and get it to betas and then actually make the usually sweeping and constructive changes they suggest. But then I was like fuck it. So I’m just posting it, with apologies to the lovely typhoidmeri, dopemixtape, and nessismore who would have made it probably at least three times better :) Also yeah, this one gets a bit violent-er. So be warned of that…

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Every time I finish a chapter of this fic, my response is not in any sort of human language.


You can have me anytime you want me.

I got to the last frame and literally squeed.

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Norway allows TV advertising for the first time during the Olympics. This is the first one. 
Norway is awesome.



I don’t think I’ve ever loved a commercial before


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"What’s happening? Where’s Luke?"

He’s using a fountain pen.

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 Mitt - A Netflix Original

OH MY GOD, they always warn you never to iron your clothes while wearing them on the iron’s box and on the warranty/instructions booklet, but I didn’t actually think people were dumb enough to do it.

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